I invented a toy at agefour! I was only four years old when my father made me understand that our neighbor was rich. It was not difficult for me to grasp the idea because they had a television TV) set while we did not have one. Every six o’ clock in the evening, my mother would put a cap on my head and wrap me in a warm sweater before I would go to our neighbor’s house to watch TV. So when our neighbor was not watching TV, I would peep from our window and wait in exasperation, wondering when they would turn it on. Whenever I would see a square image of bright light, I would automatically go to my mother to ask for my cap and sweater. NVhen there was no square image of light, I would cry. Moreover, it was not just about the TV set. Our neighbors’ daughter, Angelica, also had many toys! One toy had a long string a bell tied at one end and a ring at the other end pegged around one foot while the string rotates below as one skips on the other foot. One day, as I was watching her play her toy, an inspiration came to my young mind, “Why don’t I make my own toy . I got a stone and a tiny cord and tried to make a toy similar \Såth hers. It did not look as colorful as my playmate’s but it functioned in exactly the same way! Before I knew it, my sister and I were \Såth my new ‘invention’ and we had great fun! As a young child, I knew that I could not have all the things I wanted. Embracing the values of contentment and simplicity came early on to me. But it also taught me the greater lesson that limitations are mere invitations to resourcefulness and creati\ity.


“Do you see a man skillful in his work? He will stand before kings, he will not stand before obscure men. (Prov 22:29)

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